Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry Changes Everything.

Laser technology is revolutionizing dentistry just as it changed the medical world. Whether it’s cavity treatment, periodontal work, or teeth whitening, there’s a new dental  laser designed for each procedure. Lasers are quick and accurate and seldom hurt. Really.

The Magic of Lasers

Explore the magic of dental lasers right here in Brooklyn New York


What is a laser? A laser is a concentrated beam of light, traveling down and optic fiber in the laser instrument.

How does the laser work? The dentist aims the beam of light towards the tissue that is to be removed. Because the light is very small in cross-section, it can be placed with pinpoint accuracy. This precise control is unique to lasers, and in the right hands, actually makes the laser a safer tool. This is the reason for the success of medical lasers in the extremely sensitive areas of neurology and ophthalmology.

Is the laser comfortable? Most people find the laser very comfortable. Often they experience only a warm sensation and need no anesthetic.

Is the laser safe? The laser is a low powered light and very safe for use in the mouth Eyes are delicate, however, so we give you protective eyegear to wear during the procedure.

Will my insurance pay for laser treatment? Your dental plan will probably pay for laser procedures, since these are traditional procedures now being performed by laser. Of course dental plans do not usually cover bleaching of any kind.

What procedures can it be used for?

  • Teeth Whitening Laser whitening is safe, quick convenient and gets great results. There are no trays or nightly application of bleaching gels at home. A paste is applied to the teeth and the teeth are then lased for 35-40 seconds per tooth. As with any whitening procedure, the results may vary by patient, however excellent results ranging from 4-8 shades whiter are usually attainable in this single visit procedure. Laser whitening not only removes common food stain but also is effective on tougher stains such as those caused by tetracycline.
  • Periodontal (Soft-Tissue) Laser Using a diode laser with  precision flexible fibers the dentist has better access to treat gum pockets. The results are 2-3 times faster healing than traditional methods. There is little or no bleeding, very little post-op discomfort. Comments from patients immediately following laser gum treatment. “During the gum work I felt – Nothing!”, “I had regular periodontal work on the other side of my mouth – what a difference. On the laser side it feels great”
  • Cavity Preparation This is really dentistry for the 21st century. The FDA has approved a special Erbium laser for removing decay and cavity preparation. Approved for use on adults and children. Instead of the usual whining sound of the drill – the laser makes a popping sound similar to that of  popping corn. Since there is no heat or vibration the need for the shot is eliminated. Because the laser sterilizes as it cuts there is less chance for bacterial contamination.
  • Xenon laser for curing and hardening  Tooth-colored fillings We can harden tooth-colored  fillings in only 3 seconds. It’s not only faster – but the filling is stronger because the light is more efficient, more energy is focused where we need it.    
  • Avoiding Root Canals Because of the laser’s unique ability to destroy bacteria found in the mouth, lasers are ideally suited to treat infected nerves deep in the root canal system.
  • Lasers for Detecting Cavities Lasers take the guesswork out of detecting cavities. Although Lasers can’t take the place of xrays completely, We can use Diagnodent to detect tooth decay safely even for pregnant women.

How can I tell if Laser dentistry is for me? Just ask. Come in for a consult. Each case is different, so it’s hard to say without seeing you if laser therapy is the suitable treatment. Today’s laser dentistry makes it possible to have a healthy mouth in less time and more comfortably. Laser dentistry might be the right thing for you.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

•  Faster Healing

•  Reduced Risk of infection

•  Decreased Sensitivity

•  Less time in the dental chair

•  Minimal or No Bleeding

•  Less post-operative pain

•  Less fear, anxiety, No drill

•  Minimal or No anesthesia

• Minimal pain, inconvenience, discomfort

•  Whitening in one visit

•  Precision means we can be more conservative

What can the laser be used for?

•  Laser Whitening in One visit

•  Laser Periodontal Treatment

•  Decay and Cavity Preparation without injections

•  Detect Cavities

•  Reshape “gummy” smile

•  Harden Tooth-colored fillings

•  Bloodless Oral Surgery

•  Treat major canker sores